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Rosemary Griffiths

Newly appointed to take over the Chairmanship of the committee from Liz is fellow cellist Rosemary Griffiths. Originally from Staffordshire where she played in the County Youth Orchestra, Rosemary moved to the Forest of Dean over 30 years ago with her family. She now lives in Newnham where she runs a Bed and Breakfast and teaches music – as a classroom teacher, and as a piano teacher in schools and at home. She is also the local representative for ABRSM music exams.

Rosemary has had several stints in the orchestra over the years, when family commitments made it possible, and rejoined again 3 years ago with the youngest of her 6 children soon to leave home.

Vice Chair

Viv Hargreaves


Rodger Evans

Orchestra Manager

Alastair Sansome-Smith


Alison Phelps                                

Minute Secretary

Fiona Crawley

Fiona Crawley is a professional performer and teacher based in the Forest of Dean. She is also the conductor and musical director of the Forest Flute Choir. In her spare time she gardens, cooks and reads.

Committee Member (former Chair)


Liz Pritchard

Important Dates
  • Saturday Dec 8th 3pm: Christmas Children’s Concert at Coleford Baptist Church
  • Saturday March 21st 7.30pm: Spring Concert at Newnham Church
  • Saturday July 4th 7.30pm: Summer Concert at Newland Church
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