Spring 2012 Rehearsal Schedule

by rob
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Published on: January 3, 2012


Date First Half Second Half Notes
5th Jan Brahms (mvt 1 & 2) Brahms (mvt 3 & 4) All to attend
12th Jan Brahms (mvt 1) Brahms (mvt 2) All to attend
19th Jan Brahms (mvt 3) Brahms (mvt 4) All to attend
26th Jan Brahms (mvt 1) Brahms (mvt 1) Sectionals
2nd Feb Brahms (mvt 2 & 3) Brahms (mvt 2 & 3) All to Attend
9th Feb Brahms (mvt 4) Brahms (mvt 4) Sectionals
16th Feb HALF TERM HALF TERM No rehearsal
23rd Feb Mozart Overture David with Soloist All to Attend
1st March David Trombone Concerto Mozart Overture All to attend
8th March Brahms (mvt 2) Brahms (mvt 3 ) All to attend
15th March Brahms (mvt 1) Brahms (mvt 4) All to attend
23rd March Run Programme Run Programme All to attend
24th March Rehearsal Concert at 7:30pm
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